Faith-Based Clean and Sober Housing and Reentry Program for Men and Women.

House of Mercy


House of Mercy (herein “HOM”) has established a grant/loan program (a grant is the same as a gift, a loan must be repaid) to provide funding to qualified individuals.  This program is designed for those who are returning to the community after incarceration and desire to start a new business or expand an existing business.  HOM has established qualifications and an application process for those who apply.

HOM’s sole purpose is to benefit the participant and the community, by providing a safe, accountable, structured, clean and sober environment.  This grant/loan program is an extension of our mission.

The grant/loan program has been made possible through a HOM relationship with the “Winton Charitable Trust” (herein “The Trust”).  A primary function of The Trust is to provide recurring, annual funding to HOM to fund the grant/loan program.

The grant/loan program is administered by senior members of HOM, including Pastor Bob Faulk and Pastor James Valela, and by the trustee of The Trust, Don Winton.  Members of this team will make all funding decisions for all grants/loans.

Applicants desiring to participate may apply by completing a Grant/Loan Application (including a detailed Business Plan) and submitting it to HOM.  If approved, HOM will fund part of the request by way of a grant and part by way of an interest bearing loan.  HOM will evaluate each application and issue a decision for each application submitted.

Before making a decision of whether or not to apply for a grant/loan, each applicant should spend time in prayer and seek God’s guidance and wisdom. Each applicant should strongly consider whether or not he/she has been called by God to run a business.  In order to succeed with a new business, God needs to be at the center of the decision.  If you believe God has called you to run a business, then we will gladly consider your application.

If you are chosen for a grant/loan, HOM will help you succeed by providing successful Christian businessmen to mentor you through the process of setting up and running your company.  We believe these mentors will be of great assistance to you.  You will be required to consent to the mentorship program as part of the conditions of your grant/loan.

If you have any questions regarding the Grant/Loan program, please contact one of the following:

Pastor Bob Faulk 206-841-4117
Pastor James Valela 206-856-0013
Don Winton 253-670-9193


House of Mercy


House of Mercy (herein “HOM”) will evaluate each grant/loan application in order to determine whether or not it will make a grant/loan to any applicant.  HOM has established the following qualifications that will be required from each applicant:

  • An applicant must be an active member of HOM. An active member is someone who has attended weekly HOM church services for at least one year; OR a participant in HOM CSP who has been in compliance with all provisions of the HOM CSP Stipulations Agreement for a minimum of one year.
  • An applicant who has not participated in HOM CSP, must complete and submit the Chemical Dependency provisions of the HOM CSP and must be in full compliance with all clean and sober provisions and must also complete an offending disclosure.
  • Applicants who have drug and/or alcohol issues in their background histories must provide evidence that they have remained clean and sober for a minimum of at least three (3) years prior to applying for a grant/loan.  Two (2) of the three (3) years can consist of incarceration time.
  • If applicant is on DOC supervision, applicant must be in compliance with DOC supervision.
  • Applicants must complete and submit all grant/loan application paperwork including a detailed Business Plan on the HOM form.
  • Applicant must provide reference letters from verifiable sources.  Each person writing the letter must personally know the applicant, must state in the letter what his/her business relationship with the applicant is (if applicable), and must have personal knowledge of the applicant’s work skills.
  • Applicant must provide to HOM documented post incarceration work history. Note: Self-employment work history can be documented by way of job contracts, invoices, etc.
  • Applicant must display leadership skills within HOM that indicate applicant has the ability to openly communicate with other individuals in a friendly, non-confrontational manner.
  • Applicant must show responsiveness to other’s feelings, must be willing to serve others, must have shown an ability to formulate and carry out plans, must be a team player, and must be able to cope with stress.

HOM reserves the right to accept or deny all Applicants at its sole and absolute discretion.  HOM reserves the right to amend, applicant qualifications at any time without notice.  All decisions by HOM are final.


Interested applicants may download the required documents by clicking below

Grant Business Plan Financial Projections

Grant Business Plan Narrative Section